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Is The Library A Good Place For Audiobooks?

Those of us who love to read wish that there were enough hours in the day to read all of the great books that are currently on the market. Thankfully, audiobooks provide a way for book lovers to catch up with their favorite authors while driving to work, running errands or just relaxing around the house. Besides your local bookstore, the local library is a good place to find both current and older audiobooks.

Most libraries have a substantial collection of audiobooks. Usually, the audiobooks collection is not as extensive as Read the rest of this entry »

Best Places To Save On Audiobooks

One of the best ways to enjoy books is by listening to them. Auciobooks have become much more popular in recent years. Part of this is because many people are too busy to read as many books as they’d like. Another reason is that new technology such as MP3 players has made it easier to access audiobooks than ever before.

You can listen to audiobooks in a variety of formats, such as tape, CD and MP3 file.Is this new to you? Catch up hereRead the rest of this entry »

Will Audiobooks Replace Print Books As The World Gets Busier?

It seems like all the buzz is about how e-books are revolutionizing publishing and the way that we read. While it’s true that an e-book reader makes it easier for a commuter by bus or train to read on the way to work and back, there are still plenty of activities that one can’t do while reading. That’s where audio books come in. There are so many activities that we do during the day when we could be listening to a book as well. Driving, house cleaning and cooking are Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Listen to Audiobooks In The Car?

Every day you commute over an hour to work or school. Or maybe you have to pick up your kids from a tournament in another town. All your driving gets old as you listen to the same radio station or CD day after day, and you need a little more to stimulate your brain. The answer is audiobooks! They’re the best solution to the car blues as you’re stuck in traffic or just bored out of your mind. Because most audiobooks are several Read the rest of this entry »

Should Every Genre Be Put Onto Audiobook Format?

To answer this question is to ask myself if a library should carry all topics. The answer to that, of coarse, is yes. Audiobooks are a great way for those who love to read, to enjoy it without cracking open the book and having full attention on the pages, or computer screen. Let’s not fool ourselves. This is a multi-tasking world and some of us who are too busy with driving, talking on the phone, making lists…and keeping them too, might enjoy Read the rest of this entry »

Late Night Listens For Busy Adults

For the busy adult who wants to listen to a good book to wind down the day, three new titles are sure to be of interest, especially for dog lovers. “Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend”, “The Dog Who Knew Too Much”, and “Following Atticus” are now available as audiobooks for your listening enjoyment.
Susan Orlean’s newest book about Rin Tin Tin tells the story of a remarkable dog and the man who loved him. Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Audiobook Sites That Bring You Back For More

I often find myself with a list of books, some new releases and some classics, that I can just never seem to get rid. A busy lifestyle with chores, work, and everything else that gets thrown in between those events has made me look for better ways to enjoy a good story besides reading. In particular, I have become very fond of finishing novels through the use of audiobooks, often times I listen to them in the car on my way to and from places. I even find myself listening to them while Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Time For Your Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to squeeze in some great reading time and they compete pretty well with your morning radio or direct Tv . If you’re even having trouble squeezing these technologies in, here are a few suggestions for when to get some audiobook time in your day.

In the Shower: Why waste ten valuable minutes in the morning or evening in silence? Get an iPod dock or a stereo and play a few minutes of your favorite book while you get clean.

In the Read the rest of this entry »

How Often Do You Listen To Audiobooks?

If you’re like most people, your day is too busy to read. Television commercials and other media have recently been picking up on the audiobook trend, but the decision to join the masses is up to you.

Will audiobooks be worth your time? It depends on what you like to read. While most mainstream fiction and nonfiction is available on audiobook, more obscure works of science fiction and fantasy are harder to find. Frequently restricted by copyright or popularity, if lesser-known Read the rest of this entry »

Top Ten Favorite Children’s Audiobooks For All Ages

Audio books are great for children; they can not only help pass time during a long trip but can also help those who are learning to read along. Readers on Audio book can bring new life to an old classic or put a different spin on new books.

10. Sammy Keyes by Wendelin Van Draanen. This series follows a middle-school detective; its narrator is a young voice. Children will feel as if their peer is reading to them.

9. Bloody Jack: being an account of the curious adventures of Mary ” Read the rest of this entry »